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Human resource is the heartbeat of any company and usually the single highest financial cost for any company. People lead and drive a business, forge customer relationships and make critical decisions that impact ‘the bottom line’.  Needless to say, finding – and retaining – the right talent can be the difference between success and failure.

We believe that companies thrive when their people thrive. That’s why we work with clients who uphold the values of Good Work, where fair pay and conditions, equality and dignity, autonomy and wellbeing, learning and progression are integral to their relationship with employees. These clients know, deep down, that good work practice is fundamentally good for business.

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We are Diverse

We are committed to supporting individuals from varied backgrounds with differing identities and beliefs. We believe that diversity in the workplace brings greater richness and dynamism.  We provide training programs, policy development and EDI guidance to foster a genuinely inclusive environment.

We are Multifaceted

We are a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in a wide range of industries and sectors including Executive Search, where we offer support to people with a genuine understanding of their specialist discipline. 

We are Connected

With a vast network, we link companies with special candidates not actively seeking a move but open to the “right opportunity”. This is particularly important within hi-calibre Executive Search where we have a proven track record.

We are Adaptive

Our services are always adapted to meet the unique needs of a client.  We are sensitive to the different resource and time pressures our clients face, be they a lean start-up or an established business with well-defined HR protocols. 

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We are Meticulous

From initial screening to final interviews, our processes are comprehensive and efficient, never insensitive and bureaucratic. 

We are Flexible

We recognise the need for flexibility in a fast-changing world. We offer temporary staffing solutions. It could be additional support for a specific project seasonal assistance or managing peak workflows during a vital sales window. We can meet your needs.

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We are Good Work Partners

Your search for your next great candidate starts and ends with us.

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